How physio can help with knee pain

How Can a Physio Help With Knee Pain?

By Mark | April 8, 2024

Have you ever gotten up after resting and found your knee aching? Or have you misjudged a step and felt your knee make a ‘pop’ or ‘crack’ noise? It doesn’t matter if you’re on your way to becoming a professional sportsperson or working at a desk. Knee pain and discomfort can happen to anybody, and…

Different types of physiotherapists

Different Types of Physiotherapy

By Mark | April 5, 2024

Physiotherapy is a form of allied healthcare that supports people of all ages, abilities, and health statuses with a variety of requirements and goals. There are so many different approaches and fields within it that it may just cater for just about everyone. Physiotherapists are highly trained and experienced professionals who deliver high-quality care based…

How can physio help with neck pain

How Can a Physio Help With Neck Pain?

By The Whole Body Clinic | April 3, 2024

Your neck pain might be sudden and short-lasting, a constant nagging discomfort, or excruciating pain that seems to consume your day. No matter what you’re dealing with, neck pain certainly has the ability to disrupt your daily routine and affect your quality of life. Whether it stems from poor posture, an injury, or an underlying…

Busting common myths about sciatica

Busting Common Myths About Sciatica

By The Whole Body Clinic | April 1, 2024

Sciatica is a common condition. However, it is surrounded by myths and misconceptions regarding the possible causes and treatment, which means it can often be difficult for sufferers to know when and where to seek help. A lot of people know that sciatica causes discomfort in the legs, but this understanding is too broad. It…

Returning to sports safely

What You Need To Know About Returning To Sport Safely

By The Whole Body Clinic | March 29, 2024

Taking part in a sporting activity, no matter what your age, level, or goals are, can be significantly beneficial to your physical and mental health, productivity, and social interactions. Unfortunately, many of us experience something that can keep us from our sport at one time or another. There are many reasons why you may have…

How to avoid tech neck

How Can You Avoid Text Neck?

By The Whole Body Clinic | March 27, 2024

Human necks aren’t designed to carry the weight of the head bent over for extended periods of time. However, in our modern era, most of us spend hours each day hunched over screens texting, working, scrolling endlessly on Instagram, and watching questionable YouTube videos. In the not-too-distant past, we engaged in more face-to-face communication, took…

Physiotherapy for treating fatigue

Physiotherapy For Treating Fatigue

By The Whole Body Clinic | March 25, 2024

Everybody feels tired sometimes— it’s a fact of life! Not sleeping enough the night before can easily have you feeling weary and worn out the next day, but the feeling tends to go away after a good night’s sleep. However, sometimes tiredness is more than just tiredness— it can have a large effect on your…

Is Physiotherapy Covered by Medicare

Is Physiotherapy Covered by Medicare?

By The Whole Body Clinic | March 22, 2024

Physiotherapy can be a beneficial treatment for many people. This holistic, whole-body approach to healing aims to improve pain, movement, functionality, and overall well-being by using an array of evidence-based techniques. If this sounds like something that could be of interest to you, you may be wondering if you can fit it into your budget.…

What is involved in a physio session

What Is Involved In A Physio Session?

By The Whole Body Clinic | March 21, 2024

Physiotherapy is far from a one-size-fits-all approach to reducing pain and improving mobility. As physiotherapy is centred around an individual’s unique body, the exercises and therapies used in your physio session will likely differ from other peoples’, even if they have the same diagnosis as you. While the exercises and techniques used in physiotherapy are…

Can physiotherapy help with neck pain

Can Physiotherapy Help With Neck Pain?

By The Whole Body Clinic | March 19, 2024

Neck pain is a common concern that can affect people of all ages. There are many reasons people may develop neck pain, ranging from sleeping in an odd position to more serious causes such as arthritis. However, neck pain doesn’t need to be a permanent fixture in your life. The approach you take to your…