About Us

Your body is a complex machine that is capable of amazing things, but sometimes it may need a little help to return back to its full potential.

At The Whole Body Clinic, we strive to assist your body’s function to be the best it can be. By using the most up to date techniques and combining them with Evidence Based Medicine, we can help you in reaching your wellness goals.

So it does not matter if you’re an avid sportsman, a desk worker or enjoying your retirement days, The Whole Body Clinic can provide care for all your needs with a holistic, individualised approach to get you back to your best.

Meet the Team

Dr Jeremy Jose


Jeremy was educated at Victoria University, where he gained a Bachelor Degree in Science (Clinical Science) and a Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy).  Jeremy is also qualified in Dry Needling, which can be incorporated into Osteopathic treatment for many conditions.

Jeremy has been actively involved in competitive sport from an early age including basketball, football, soccer & cricket. His passion for sport has ultimately lead him to his professional career in health. Studying Osteopathy for 5 years and practicing for over 7 years has been key for him in providing effective treatment and management of injury and pain for his clients. 


Experience has confirmed Jeremy's belief that health care is more than just treating an injured body part, and feels this is a central principle that enables not only symptomatic relief, but effective rehabilitation and education that leads to  relapse and injury prevention.

Jeremy is a government registered Osteopath and a member Osteopathy Australia, and is also registered with Medicare, Work Cover Queensland and the Department of Veteran Affairs. Jeremy participates in ongoing skill development and education to remain at the forefront of the application of treatment and patient management.

Dr Mark Crawford


Manual therapy was always on the horizon for Mark. With a keen interest in all sports and attempts at Basketball, Lacrosse, Footy and Cricket, Mark realised that he was much better at fixing injuries and improving others performance than improving his own.

This put Mark on a journey that included Exercise Science, which allowed him to build experience in injury recovery and rehabilitation and performance training, a teaching diploma before finally completing his Osteopathy degree in 2011 at Victoria University. Mark uses a holistic approach to your injuries and uses a variety of techniques to help you get back to feeling yourself again. These include massage, stretching, manipulation and exercises to help you prevent painful reoccurrences. Mark also utilises Shockwave therapy for those stubborn conditions, like plantar fasciitis and long-term tendon problems, and Therapeutic Ultrasound and Interferential for your acute pains.

Mark has gone on to assist a great range of people of all ages, including Australian representatives in Lacrosse, Basketball, state level gymnasts, rugby, cricket and football players and weekend warriors that need to finish planting those trees on the weekend.

Mark's Qualifications include Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement), Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary), Bachelor of Science (Clinical Science), Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy) and Clinical Pilates Instructor and has been practicing for over 7 years.

Mark is a government registered Osteopath and a member Osteopathy Australia, and is also registered with Medicare, Work Cover Queensland and the Department of Veteran Affairs.


Dr Ilona Wagner


A family tragedy inspired Ilona to study the human body and health. Initially she commenced her career in the health industry as a remedial massage therapist. This sparked further interest in structural studies and neuromusculoskeletal pain, leading her to complete a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences degree and a Masters in Osteopathy at Southern Cross University. 

Working alongside personal trainers and exercise physiologists in the past, Ilona has a strong interest in movement and function and their relationship to structure. Ilona aims to restore motion with the use of a broad range of Osteopathic techniques to provide an integrated approach to health care.

She believes in person-centred treatment using various techniques combined with exercise prescription, and pain education to empower patients in achieving their goals.

Ilona is also passionate about Osteopathic treatment for visceral conditions that may surface as physical pain elsewhere in the body, providing a beneficial adjunctive therapy to structural approaches. She incorporates a variety of direct and softer techniques according to her patient's individual needs.

Ilona enjoys being active in her spare time, practicing yoga, Pilates, HIIT, and being outdoors with her husband and their dog.

Jackson photo

Dr Jackson Redfern


Dr Jackson Redfern (Osteopath) graduated from Victoria University in Melbourne. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Health Science. Additionally Jackson also has a qualification in myofascial dry needling.

Jackson is extremely passionate about a wide range of sports. He enjoys Australian Rules Football (AFL), cricket, soccer, basketball, rugby and golf. Growing up Jackson has been dealt his fair share of sporting injuries. This has given Jackson first hand experience in treating, managing and rehabilitating both acute and chronic complaints.

Jackson has previously worked at the Western Jets Football Club who compete in the elite AFL under 18 NAB league competition. His work at the Western Jets gave him valuable experience in diagnosing, treating and managing various sporting injuries. Additionally he is passionate about treating both back and neck pain and headaches.

Jackson really values the importance of exercise rehabilitation. He understands its importance in recovery and its overall long term benefits for decreasing pain and improving function and performance. In addition to exercise rehabilitation, he regularly utilises spinal manipulation and direct soft tissue techniques during treatment.

He takes pride in knowing that through osteopathy he is involved in helping patients achieve their goals and improve their quality of life.

As well as playing and competing in sport, he really enjoys watching sport. His favourite sports teams are the Collingwood Football club, Everton Football Club, Australian Cricket team, San Antonio Spurs and Melbourne Storm.


Dr Todd Stackpole


Dr Todd Stackpole (Osteopath) graduated from Victoria University in Melbourne.

Following an ankle injury when he was 15, Todd was introduced to the world of healthcare and after having a team guide him through recovery and rehabilitation, he decided that he wanted to do the same for other people. He has a keen interest in all sports, despite being very average at everything, having played football, basketball, tennis and getting into the water to surf or kayak.

Todd believes that patients all present differently and so therefore should receive personalised care. He aims to give individualised treatments based on the patient's background, presenting complaint and personal preferences. He enjoys treating with many different approaches and techniques. Utilising soft tissue massage, spinal manipulation, stretching, exercise rehabiliataion and pain education to decrease pain and improve function.

Todd enjoys treating sporting injuries, back pain, neck pain and has completed additional training in dry needling and myofascial cupping.


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