Pregnancy Treatment in Mount Gravatt & Browns Plains, Brisbane

Pregnancy is a wonderful time full of excitement and joy, but sometimes it can be overshadowed by aches and pains that you experience as your body changes.

Increasing tummy size, poor sleep cause you cannot get comfortable and a cocktail of hormones floating around mean that your altered biomechanics and physiology are affecting your ability to daily activities.

Pregnancy Aches and Pains

Changes in your body during the course of your pregnancy can cause a number of aches and pains that you may not have experienced before. In addition to causing discomfort these changes can lead to associated conditions such as

osteopathy treatment for pregnancy brisbane

How We Can Help

The worst thing about all these aches and pains are the fact that most medications will hurt your baby, so it seems like there isn’t a place to turn. That’s where The Whole Body Clinic can help.

As Osteopathy is a non-invasive and safe treatment modality, we have helped many pregnant women get through these painful moments and can get you back on track and excited again.

Using gentle manual techniques such as massage, stretching, muscle energy techniques and indirect techniques (such as Counter Strain), we can assist your body to adapt to these structural changes and correct any restrictions that occur as your baby grows.

We can also assist with strengthening muscles with a specific program to help you offload painful structures during pregnancy and help build your strength back up after birth to help you with the demands of breast feeding and carrying your new baby, including pelvic floor and core specific exercises.

The Whole Body Clinic offer treatment to residents throughout Brisbane including Mount Gravatt, Park Ridge, Holland Park, Moorooka, Sunnybank, Wishart, Mackenzie, Carindale, Wellers Hill, Greenslopes & Eight Mile Plains.

The Whole Body Clinic can assist with all of your pregnancy symptoms. To see how, please click on our Services.


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