Low Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Mount Gravatt & Browns Plains, Brisbane


Back pain, particularly in the lower back, is a common condition with up to 80% of the population experiencing back pain at some point in their lives. Lower back pain can range from causing persistent discomfort to having considerable impact on day to day activities.

Because lower back pain is so common, it’s important to identify the underlying cause in order to treat it effectively. Soft tissue techniques and  gentle mobilisation assist in relief of back pain, however, it is the longer term management that will prevent the pain recurring. This may include things such as strengthening exercises, ongoing rehabilitation, lifestyle adjustments and personalised education.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Some of the back pain conditions we commonly treat are:

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Disc Injury

In your spine, you have bony vertebrae and spongy discs. These discs are designed to absorb shock and protect your vertebrae from any compression. Sometimes the discs strong outer covering can become weakened and cause pain. This would present as a mild and localised pain. If the damage to the disc becomes worse, then the internal components pushing out near the nerve and may compress it. This will result in severe pain with pain referral into different parts of the leg and may cause weakness in various muscles. At The Whole Body Clinic, we can assist the body to heal these damaged tissues, improve stability and strength through the damaged region with a personalised rehabilitation program and decrease your pain short term and long term.

Facet Joint Sprains

Your facet joints are small joints on the back part of your vertebrae. They allow many different movements in your spine. Sometimes these joints can become irritated if they are stretched or compressed for long periods of time. This results in restriction of movement and pain which worsens with particular movements and prolonged sitting or standing.


This term includes any pain that is associated with the Sciatic Nerve, which is the largest nerve in the body. The Sciatic nerve is a combination of the nerve roots that come from the spinal cord and leave through the gaps in the lumbar spine. It can be compressed at many levels, including the vertebral level by the discs or the bony components of the spine or muscle compression by the piriformis muscle. At The Whole Body Clinic, we aim to find the cause and treat the origin of your pain to achieve the best results.

Sacroiliac Joint Pain

The Sacroiliac joint is between your tailbone (Sacrum) and your large pelvic bone (Ilium) and can produce pain from the base of your spine and can refer to the back of the leg. This joint can be sprained in many ways and can be weakened if your pelvic floor is not strong enough to deal with your activities. At The Whole Body Clinic, we target your pelvic floor and abdominal core strength to prevent further sprains as well as decrease your symptoms using a holistic approach and manual therapy.

Treatment For Low Back Pain

Osteopathy can be very effective at treating and managing low back pain. Whatever the cause of the pain, the soft tissue techniques used will help to reduce muscle tension, pain, and improve circulation to the affected tissues. This will be combined with gentle joint manipulation and articulation techniques to help increase joint range of movement and as needed electrotherapy or dry needling. Personalised education and rehabilitation will help you manage pain and injury in the short and long term.

The Whole Body Clinic offer treatment to residents throughout Brisbane including Mount Gravatt, Park Ridge, Holland Park, Moorooka, Sunnybank, Wishart, Mackenzie, Carindale, Wellers Hill, Greenslopes & Eight Mile Plains.

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