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Hip pain can have a number of origins and the cause is not always obvious. Our hips are made up of a complex system of joints, muscle, bursa, ligaments and tendons, all of which are susceptible to injury, strain or tension. Many of us hold tension in our bodies without being aware of it and hip pain can also be referred from injury or strain in the back, knees or feet.

Identifying the cause of your hip pain is the first step, as without treating the root cause of the issue correctly, treatment will not be effective.

Causes of Hip Pain

Some of the hip pain conditions we commonly treat are:

Treatment for Hip Pain Brisbane

Labral Tears

To improve the surface area and the stability of your hip joint, there is a piece of cartilage around the hip joint that allows a large range of motion but also a great deal of stability which is vital for this large weight bearing joint. With incorrect hip, or femur (your thigh bone) positioning, this labrum can be worn down. In a traumatic event, this labrum can be torn. This will result in pain in the localised area accompanied with weakness and clicking and locking of the joint.


Bursa are fluid filled sacs which sit under tendons of muscles to protect it from the bones and potential friction forces. If these bursa are placed under too much pressure, it can cause inflammation and cause the bursa to swell up and cause sharp pain in the localised area. This will usually present at the outsides of the hips, but can also occur near your sitting bones, as a sharp pain which will be more painful when you sit or lie on it.


All muscles have tendons to attach them to bones and sometimes they can be inflamed if they are not working properly. This can be caused by poor strength, poor stability or incorrect performance of repetitive activity. The most common tendinopathies in this area are gluteal or hamstring tendinopathies. At The Whole Body Clinic, we will examine your body to find out where the imbalances are and correct them.

Treatment For Hip Pain

Osteopathy can be very effective at treating and managing hip pain. Whatever the cause of the pain, the soft tissue techniques used will help to reduce muscle tension, pain, and improve circulation to the affected tissues. This will be combined with gentle joint manipulation and articulation techniques to help increase joint range of movement and as needed electrotherapy or dry needling. Shockwave Therapy can also be used to assist in pain relief and healing chronic damage in tissues. Personalised education and rehabilitation will help you manage pain and injury in the short and long term.

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