Managing Women’s Health with Osteopathy

Studies have shown that in recent years, women have made up a majority of osteopathy patients. This isn’t all that surprising – the techniques explored through osteopathy align very well with the unique health needs that the female body experiences.  

Both through specific responses required for anatomical and lifestyle reasons, many women will turn to osteopathy during various different stages of life to help with pain relief, mobility, and overall health improvement. Continue reading to learn more about how osteo can help you manage some of the most common health issues faced by women. 

This blog outlines how osteopathy and its associated treatments can be utilised as an effective solution to many women’s health problems and tricky stages of life. For personalised advice and a treatment plan built just for you, book an appointment with The Whole Body Clinic today. 

Benefiting Women of All Ages 

Simply put, regularly visiting an osteopath can help to keep your body balanced, aligned, and prepared to face an active daily life. No matter what stage of life a woman finds herself in, there are bound to be plenty of unique health challenges that osteopathy can be aiding.  

Osteo appointments can help you achieve balanced hormones and strong mobility, reducing stress and helping women of all ages to upkeep their health and improve their overall quality of life. Whether it’s pelvic pain, hormonal problems, reproductive issues, or the natural effect of aging on the body, osteopathy can be a great way to help keep your body in the best position possible and alleviate the discomfort. 

Managing Hormonal Changes 

As young women transition into their bodies becoming ready to bear children, hormonal changes can bring up a variety of health issues, pain, and discomfort. This may look different for every woman. Regular side effects of starting menstruation can include lower back pain, bloating, nausea, hip pain, leg pain, tender breasts, headaches, migraines, and cramping.  

The effects that hormonal changes have on the reproductive system are just as likely to impact the musculoskeletal systems, creating even more pain that many women can accept as just a routine part of life. However, osteopathy is a great way to ease tension and maintain strong mobility, helping to alleviate some of the discomfort that comes with menstrual-related pains. 

Increasing Fertility and Promoting Conception 

It’s very common for women to start visiting an osteopath as they begin trying to start a family. Osteopathy can be incredibly supportive during this time, as it is an effective way to remove stress and unwanted physical tension from the body.  

Stress is proven to be a hindrance for women trying to conceive, and through targeting the tight and tense muscles in your body osteopathy can help relieve your stress, and can help to increase fertility. If you’re looking to conceive, an osteopath can be a great help to have in your corner, helping keep your body in the best condition possible to undergo that new chapter. 

Osteo During and After Pregnancy 

Pregnancy, childbirth, and the postnatal period can be some of the most taxing processes on a woman’s body. It’s incredibly common for women to experience pain in the upper and lower back, neck, ribs, pelvis, and groin, as well as headaches, sciatica, and carpal tunnel. And that’s just a few common symptoms.  

Osteopathy offers a safe, non-invasive and entirely drug-free solution to help manage this pain and keep a woman’s body as mobile and flexible as possible through a period of immense physical change and stress. Massage, stretching, and exercises for joint mobility can work wonders for pain due to pregnancy.  

Likewise, in the aftermath of giving birth many women will struggle with postural pain, neck and shoulder pain due to breastfeeding, and bodily misalignment from childbirth – all of which can benefit from osteo treatments. 

Book an Appointment to Find Out How an Osteo Can Help You 

Whatever stage of life you find yourself in, visiting an osteopath can help alleviate pain and discomfort, improve mobility, and set you up for a long and healthy life. Many women will face unique health issues over the course of their lives, and regular osteo treatment can make a massive impact in their overall quality of life.  

Whether you’re facing a difficult new period and want specific support, or are simply curious to learn about how osteopathy could be helping your body, the The Whole Body Clinic team are ready to step in and help you out.  

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