How Often Should You See An Osteopath?

Osteopathy focuses on the bread and butter of the human body. The tissues, ligaments, muscles, joints, and bones. The bits without which we would have a lot of trouble getting around day to day. Osteopathy zones in on these areas and links them with how they are impacting, or being impacted by, other aspects of the body, the environment, and your lifestyle.

And so, in a word, how useful can it be to see an osteopath? Very!

Seeing an osteopath is not something that needs to be limited to times of pain and illness. Often, checking in can be highly beneficial when it comes to prevention, alongside those moments when things do become sore and out of balance.

Osteopathy takes the body’s ability to heal itself and nurtures and supports that process. Our therapists will assess you, discuss any concerns and issues you may have, and develop a personalised plan based on your needs. This may require one or two sessions, more frequent appointments, or an annual check in. The Whole Body Clinic osteopaths are experienced and passionate about assisting you on your way to a happy and healthy body.

What Is An Osteopath?

An osteopath is a qualified therapist who is trained in manual therapy and the structure and function of the human body. We address instability and issues within the body that may be causing pain and illness, or work to prevent problems from arising in the future.

The manual techniques we use focus on the musculoskeletal system and include such methods as manipulation, myofascial release, massage, cupping, and dry needling. We can also provide postural and ergonomic support and advice, and a suitable exercise program.

What Are The Benefits Of Osteopathy?

The range of therapeutic options within osteopathy means we can support a wide variety of concerns and body types. It may assist in the treatment of conditions such as:

It’s An Investment In Your Long Term Health

Osteopathy can be fantastic to assist with chronic and acute injuries and illnesses and can reduce the longevity of these problems. Taking the time early on when issues are minor or aren’t even present, be that annually, monthly, or weekly depending on your situation, can also have a significant and positive impact on your future health and wellbeing.

It Can Support Your Lifestyle

Being active should be a part of our everyday routine to help us be as fit and healthy as possible. Doing so can put our bodies under added stress and lead to general wear and tear. Osteopathy can help to realign structures and support soft tissues and joints as you increase your movement levels. This can prevent injuries that may slow your progress. It can also improve your abilities as you train and work towards your goals. Osteopathy can also help with your overall wellbeing, including important elements such as your mood, sleep, productivity.

Support During And After Pregnancy

The body undergoes huge alterations during and after pregnancy, so extra care is required to assist you and your baby. Osteopathy can help to improve the pain, stiffness, and instability that often accompanies pregnancy as structures shift and soft tissues changes. Postnatal care is also beneficial to support the healing process regarding areas such as the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.

Assists The Ageing Process

Our body structure changes in many ways as we age. This can result in mobility issues, pain, and stiffness due to natural degeneration, past injuries, and medical issues. Some concerns cannot be reversed, but symptoms may be improved or new ones could be prevented with osteopathy.

A Holistic Approach That Looks At Root Causes

Osteopaths investigate the underlying aspects of pain and illness, which can help support the circulatory, nervous, and lymphatic systems. We do not want to just help current symptoms improve but want to find out what lifestyle changes and manual therapy can have positive effects for you.

This holistic approach can involve education and a personalised program regarding behaviour, movement, and nutritional status and maintenance, alongside our manual techniques and exercises.

Listen To Your Body And Your Osteopath

Most of us are happy to channel our time and money into aspects such as our social lives or how we look, but we often overlook general maintenance of the vessel that enables us to participate in what we love and need to do. Leaving health care until we have a problem is not beneficial in the short or long term.

Seeing an osteopath both in times of discomfort and good health can have a significant benefit to your quality of life, and this can have endless follow-on effects, such as better relationships and productivity.

At the Whole Body Clinic, our friendly osteopaths are enthusiastic about assisting your health and wellbeing. We will provide a full assessment and discuss with you an appropriate plan. Make an appointment today to find out how, and how often, we can help you.