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The elbow is a complex joint, made up of a system of muscles, tendons and bone that all work together to create mobility and range of motion. While we often don’t think about it, our elbow joints are utilised frequently throughout the day from playing sport or working on a computer to picking up a bag, lifting your morning coffee and opening doors. With such regular activity the elbow can be susceptible to injury or wear and tear and elbow pain can have a strong impact on your day to day activity.

Causes of Elbow Pain

Some of the elbow pain conditions we commonly treat are:


All muscles have tendons to attach them to bones and sometimes they can be inflamed if they are not working properly. This can be caused by poor strength, poor stability or incorrect performance of repetitive activity. The more commonly used names for tendinopathies in the elbow are Tennis Elbow (outside of the elbow) and Golfers Elbow (inside of the elbow). At The Whole Body Clinic, we will examine your body to find out where the imbalances are and correct them.

Ligament Damage

You have a number of important ligaments in your elbow including your Ulnar Collateral Ligament (inside of your elbow) and the Lateral Collateral Ligament (outside of your elbow). These may become damaged or irritated from any activity which places too much strain on them and the damage may range from a slight strain to a complete rupture. If these structures are damaged, pain can range from mild to severe, you will notice weakness and decreased stability in the elbow.

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Muscle Strains

You have a number of powerful muscles that may become damaged while playing sport, writing or working on a computer. There are three main grades of strains ranging from Grade 1; where a muscle has a number of fibers damaged but most of the structure is still intact, Grade 2; where more fibers are damaged but the outside structure is still intact, and Grade 3; where the muscle has been torn and may have no continuity anymore. The muscles most commonly damaged in this area are the Wrist Extensors and Wrist Flexors.

Treatment For Elbow Pain

Osteopathy can be very effective at treating and managing elbow pain. Whatever the cause of the pain, the soft tissue techniques used will help to reduce muscle tension, pain, and improve circulation to the affected tissues. This will be combined with gentle joint manipulation and articulation techniques to help increase joint range of movement and as needed electrotherapy or dry needling. Personalised education and rehabilitation will help you manage pain and injury in the short and long term.

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