A Guide To Improving Posture With Physiotherapy

How often do you stop and consider how you are holding your body? Have a think about it right now. Are you slouching? Are you bent over your computer screen? Is your neck or back aching? It’s easy to forget how fundamental good posture is to leading a productive, healthy and comfortable life.

When our body weight is centred over our feet with our body aligned symmetrically from head to ankles, our muscles are engaged correctly, and our bones and joints are in the right place. This allows us to keep our balance better and to reduce fatigue and muscle pain. And the great new is, it’s not too hard to do with the right guidance!

The Consequences of Having Bad Posture

Having poor posture cannot only have a massive negative impact on your overall health and wellbeing, it can create an overall impression of apathy, meekness, and laziness. It can also lead to a loss of body confidence.

Bad posture can cause joint and muscular pain, headaches, rounded shoulders, a protruding stomach, fatigue, and degeneration of soft tissue and bone. It can weaken muscles, strengthen the wrong muscles, decrease flexibility, and increase your risk of falls and injuries. Poor posture can even impact your body’s ability to digest food and breathe effectively. For women in particular, imbalanced core muscles can lead to incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse.

The human body is a complex and awesome entity, and it deserves care and attention. If we look after our bodies, holding ourselves with pride and creating a well-aligned physique, they will help us to lead the happy and full lives we desire.

Physiotherapy Can Help You Get the Benefits Of Good Posture

Physiotherapists can guide you towards creating good bodily posture. We believe it is fundamental to understand the importance of good posture, and what is involved in achieving it. We will teach you techniques and provide you with exercises, focusing on improving your muscle strength and joint alignment. Physiotherapy can also help you learn ways to adjust your posture to suit your specific day-to-day activities and accommodate any conditions that you have that can impact how you move and hold your body. We can work with you to improve your posture, no matter your gender, age, and physical ability.

Physiotherapy Treatment for Postural Issues

Being active plays a significant part when it comes to good posture. Sedentary life or many hours spent in the same position is a huge element in modern life. Sometimes it feels unavoidable. Subsequently, it is important is to be mindful of the alignment of your joints and muscles as you go about your busy lives, and move your body as often as possible.

Our physiotherapists will assess you and develop a personalised treatment plan depending on your needs. Methods we employ include education, manual therapy, and strengthening and flexibility exercises. We can provide taping, and advice on appropriate shoe choices and supportive braces. We can also assist you in reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, which is essential to allow for effective breathing, strong muscles, and reduce joint and muscles implications.

We will provide you with techniques you can insert into your day to help you reach your goals. Physiotherapists can help you gain a normal range of joint motion and muscular strength, develop beneficial spatial awareness, and improve your nerve and soft tissue health.

Find Good Posture With Physiotherapy

Having correct posture is crucial for overall health and wellbeing, no matter what you are doing and who you are. Whether you are working hard in the office, playing with your kids, running a marathon, or simply catching up with friends for a coffee, having good posture can mean the difference between feeling great and feeling exhausted and in pain. Physiotherapy can be significantly beneficial in assisting you keep good posture so that your body is happy and healthy. Come into the Whole Body Clinic and we can work with you to get you on track.