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Neck Pain Treatment near Manly West

The Whole Body Clinic offer treatment for neck pain, strain & injury to patients throughout Brisbane including Manly West and surrounds.

At The Whole Body Clinic, we know that neck pain can be debilitating and we know how to get back on track. Some common neck conditions we can assist with are:

Disc Injury

In your spine, you have bony vertebrae and spongy discs. These discs are designed to absorb shock and protect your vertebrae from any compression. Sometimes the discs strong outer covering can become weakened and cause pain. This would present as mild and localized pain. If the damage to the disc becomes worse, then the internal components pushing out near the nerve and may compress it. This will result in severe pain with pain referral into different parts of the leg and may cause weakness in various muscles. At The Whole Body Clinic, we can assist the body to heal these damaged tissues, improve stability and strength through the damaged region with a personalized rehabilitation program and decrease your pain short term and long term.

neck pain treatment near Manly West


Facet Joint Sprains

Your facet joints are small joints on the back part of your vertebrae. They allow many different movements in your spine. Sometimes these joints can become irritated if they are stretched or compressed for long periods of time. This results in restriction of movement and pain which worsens with particular movements and prolonged sitting or standing.

Osteopathy can be very effective at treating and managing neck pain. Whatever the cause of the pain, the soft tissue techniques used will help to reduce muscle tension, pain, and improve circulation to the affected tissues. This will be combined with gentle joint manipulation and articulation techniques to help increase joint range of movement and as needed electrotherapy or dry needling. Personalised eduction and rehabilitation will help you manage pain and injury in the short and long term.

The Whole Body Clinic can assist with all of your neck pain symptoms. To see how, please click on our Services.

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